Sustainability isn’t adjacent to our mission at Honu Play, it’s the mission itself.  We exist to create long term sustainable solutions that change consumption habits, reduce waste and heal our planet.  We aim to challenge ourselves to evolve and innovate towards more sustainable approaches within every aspect of our business, ensuring people and the planet are at our core.



Our material sourcing and manufacturing processes reflect the respect we have for all living creatures on Earth.  Our team work directly with our suppliers and manufacturers in Europe & the UK to ensure transparency, so we know who are making our products.


Our products are designed for people who don’t want to sacrifice design for sustainability.  We believe that successful design is when function and form are consolidated to create an object that is as beautiful as it is useful.


We don’t like taking no for an answer.  When we are told that something can’t be done, we ask why.  As Sylvia Earle says, “Admitting something is wrong is always the first step towards fixing it."  So when we run into problems, that’s when we start looking for a solution.