World Environment Day: How to live in harmony with nature with Tsouni Cooper

Introducing Tsouni Cooper. Tsouni runs the popular instagram account @yesitsallvegan.  Mounting ecological anxieties pushed her to switch from working in fashion to working with organic food four years ago.  When I thought about featuring someone for World Environment Day 2022, Tsouni was the first person that came to mind.  She is a new mum to her beautiful daughter Tuesday, so I asked Tsouni how she plans on raising her daughter to live in harmony with nature:
"I work with an organic food growing cooperative in London, and try and grow as much as I can at home too! Gardening is so good for my mental health and I hope Tuesday gets the same benefits of connecting with nature as she grows up."
"Making sure our food is organic, seasonal and grown as locally as possible is so important to us - not only is it better for the planet, but it’s higher in nutrients and tastier too!"
"Working in fashion made me see firsthand the scale of waste and pollution caused by how much is being overproduced every day - it’s scary. I’ve only bought second hand for the last four years and find the joy of finding amazing vintage pieces so much more fun."
"All of Tuesday’s clothes are secondhand too, with the exception of a few thoughtfully handmade pieces from friends and family. It doesn’t make sense to me to be buying new when there are so many previously loved baby clothes in the world already. The same goes for bigger items like cot and pram - it’s never too young to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle!"

"8 million nappies go into landfill every day in the UK alone, so it was a no-brainer to go for washable nappies for Tuesday. The upfront cost is greater but they work out cheaper long term. They’re so well made and I’m loving all the different designs and styles available."


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