Anja the Great: Who is Anja Konstantinova?

St Petersburg born and Melbourne raised, Anja Konstantinova has a face you might recognise from the magazine covers and fashion campaigns that have taken her around the globe.  After almost a decade of city life in London with summers in Spain, her days are currently spent near the ocean in Perth with her restauranteur turned artist husband and their two young boys.




We usually get up around 6/6.30am each morning and it’s GO GO GO. The boys are very demanding for their breakfast and I usually play some classical music in the hopes they will calm down a little bit while I cook them porridge, but I don’t think it works.  I have a cup of tea to wake up and then we get dressed, feed the chickens and hit the playground.  Balance is a hard thing to achieve for many parents. I started dedicating more time to exercise a few days a week and it has helped me a lot. I never used to do that and I burnt myself out and became really grumpy.  We are currently staying with my parents-in-law, so I’m taking full advantage of free child care.


I love pops of colour and simple classic designs. Having kids means things need to be practical and sturdy.  I love having colourful textiles on the beds and couches as it makes the room more fun but is also cosy.  We love collecting treasures from around the world and putting them on our walls to tell the story of our life and travels. My boys also love colour, so we usually paint bright colours on their bedroom walls but have soft curtains and lots of pillows so it’s balanced. Our house always looks a little chaotic but it’s actually organised.  


Our car has recently become a significant part of my world.  About four months ago I learned how to drive and wow - the world opened up for me.  I’ve always been an active mum, not scared of public transport or a long journey, but now I can take the boys on so many more adventures. There is nothing like the feeling of independence.


The last time I felt really inspired was probably after my birthday. We went out to dinner and then went dancing. It was so nice to feel young again, to giggle and be silly. It was like a little reboot button from everyday life with children that can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day. 


Honestly, I am a little bit scared for the future of the planet. I’m surrounded by very educated and caring people who are actively trying to change things but there are lots of people out there who simply don’t care and that’s scary.  My boys are obsessed with the ocean, coral reefs and animals.  We are always watching nature documentaries to teach them about the world and how it is changing.  We read lots of books and always collect rubbish on the beach or from the ocean and put it in the bin.  The new generation of children are very caring and very aware of the problem, so hopefully if we all put in a little bit of effort, big things will happen. 


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